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Paray Shikshalay Prakalpa West Bengal Primary Education 2022

Paray Shikshalay Prakalpa West Bengal Primary Education 2022

The education department of the West Bengal government has launched a new initiative called the Paray Sikhalaya Prakalpa or Parai Shikshalay scheme to provide learning at a community level for primary level students.

Under the Paray Sikhalaya scheme, teachers and para teachers should provide teaching-learning sessions at community and habitation levels for students of pre-primary to class V.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Paray Sikhalaya Prakalpa,

  1. About
  2. Schedule
  3. Objective
  4. Guidelines
  5. Download Official Notice

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

About Paray Shikshalay Prakalpa

Name of the schemeParay Shikshalay Prakalpa
Launched in2022
Launched byWest Bengal government
ObjectiveTo provide teaching-learning sessions at the community and habitation level

Schedule for Paray Shikshalay Prakalpa West Bengal

Date of commencement07.02.2022
Orientation of District key officials25.01.2022
Orientation of AIs / SIs of Schools,
Assistant Coordinator, Education and
Samiti Education Officers/Block Nodal Officers
Orientation of Primary teachers, Primary level Para
Teachers and Sahayaks / Sahayikas of SSKs at Circle level
Meetings with VECs/WECs02.02.2022
Meetings with the Guardians’/Parents03.02.2022

Objective of Paray Shikshalay Prakalpa West Bengal

The objective of the Paray Sikhakaya Prakalpa as stated by the West Bengal education department are,

  1. To provide support to children to cope with school closure.
  2. To enable a joyful assembly somewhat similar to classroom structure for focusing on play, activities and interactive communication.
  3. To promote a child-friendly environment in the open assemblies, focusing on enabling children to bond with reading, writing, creativity and imagination skills.
  4. Supporting children to develop logical reasoning, clarity in concepts of numeracy with a hands-on approach, and application of concepts in reallife contexts.

Guidelines for the Paray Shikshalay Prakalpa West Bengal

Some of the guidelines of the Paray Shikshalay initiative are,

  1. Paray Shikshalay sessions shall be organized in the open space arranged by the Panchayats/ULBs, Village/Ward Education Committees.
  2. The community spaces selected for the sessions should preferably have a shed above for summer months with safe drinking water and sanitation provisions.
  3. Each Paray Shikshalay session should contain the following components:
    1. Providing psychosocial support and socio-emotional learning (SEL) to children.
    2. Enhancement of health and hygiene, personal cleanliness.
    3. Enhancement of reading, writing and numeracy skills.
    4. Cultural activities (song, dance, recitation etc.) preferably with learning inputs.
    5. Art and craft work.
    6. Outdoor and indoor play activities.
  4. The academic transaction in sessions shall be provided by the Primary School teachers, Primary level Para Teachers and Sahayaks / Sahayikas of SSKs.
  5. Learners of Government/Government aided primary Schools and SSKs will be clubbed together for such sessions under Paray Shikshalay initiative.
  6. Children of homogenous age group residing in a particular habitation shall be grouped together. Children of different levels may be grouped separately for classes at different times.
  7. Multi-grade setting comprising children of different levels may be organized if there is shortage of teachers.
  8. Providing educational inputs through home visit by teachers may be considered as an alternative if such community based interactive sessions are not possible for any reasons.
  9. Since, after long absence from schools, the children of a particular level may be at different competency levels, for better outcome, one class may have multiple teachers for focusing on individual children.
  10. External support to the above initiative may be provided from local educated youth volunteers, members of Self-Help groups or through volunteers of NGO/CBOs with experience of working in the sector and having local presence.

You can get the detailed guidelines in the official notice provided by the government.

Download Paray Shikshalay Official Notice 2022

You can download the official notice from the button provided below.

FAQs about the Paray Shikshalay prakalpa

What is the Paray Shikshalay prakalpa?

Paray Shikshalay prakalpa is a new initiative taken by the West Bengal education department to provide teaching-learning sessions at the community and habitation level (or at the student’s neighborhood).

When will the Paray Shikshalay prakalpa start?

The Paray Shikshalay prakalpa will start from 7th February 2022 in all districts of West Bengal.