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Top 5 things to look for while choosing a college in India

Top 5 things to look for while choosing a college in India

Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Council for the Indian School Certificate (ISC) as well as various state boards has published their results of class 12.

First of all, congratulations to all of the students.

Various colleges and universities will begin their admission process for Under Graduate (UG) courses soon.

It is the prime time for the students to focus not only on their study, but also on their career goals.

So, students have to choose proper colleges for them very wisely.

Actually, the years spent at college are very much helpful for setting your future path and being focused at achieving career goal.

Not only the UG colleges, but also PG (Post Graduation) colleges and Universities should be chosen carefully as it is more focused and oriented towards your career goal and research work.

So, here are few important things which you have to keep in mind while choosing a suitable college for you in India.

Accreditation, Ranking and reputation of the college

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), National Board of Accreditation (NBA), National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) are some important organisations that accredit and rank the institutions of higher education all over the India according to their overall academic performance and other qualifications.

So, while choosing the college you must check the current ranking of the College or University according to above mentioned organisations.

This ranking actually determines the infrastructure, academic excellence, other curriculums, research works and other aspects of the College which are taken into consideration.

But, keep in mind that all the top ranked Colleges or Universities may not be suitable for you.

There is no availability of the stream you like to be focused on or the required budget may be too much above your limitation.

So, don’t always run behind the ranking of the institution.

Choose Suitable department and faculty for you

You should choose your college wisely by knowing the details of your suitable department or the subject, you are ambitious about.

The overall popularity or reputation of the College doesn’t accurately represent so, of a specific department.

You should thoroughly check about landmark achievements by faculty and the students of the department, educational excellence, research areas and facilities, job placements etc.

Try to get feedback of the specific department from the senior students of the department, professors of the department, or official website of the college if possible.

Cost of study and eligibility criteria

The cost of education varies from college to college.

Some top ranked university or college may charge you a lump sum amount of money.

So before choosing the college be sure that you can afford the fees.

If you can, then definitely go for it.

Otherwise most universities or colleges offer scholarships.

Top 5 things to look for while choosing a college in India

Check the website of college or the university thoroughly before taking admission.

Also make sure that you can fulfill the criteria of the college authority. Make sure that your marks in higher secondary (10+2) exam are adequate to be able to apply for the course.

If there is any entrance exam, make sure that you are prepared well, because a lot of students will be competing over a specific number of seats in the College.

Suitability of the campus

Before taking admission, make sure that the environment of the campus of college is really suitable for you.

If not, try to avoid it. The span of college life is really long (3-4 years).

So if you take admission in a top ranked college or the most popular college and if the environment of the campus does not suit you, then it will be really tough for you to cope up.

So don’t fall for Star ratings and accreditations.

If you want to you know about the campus of the college you can talk with your seniors.

And also make sure that the college has availability of hostel facility, if in any case your college is far away from your home.

Campus placement

Before taking admission in any college make sure that the college focuses on the job placement programmes to help students find employment in their field of academic study. Campus placement is really important for a student.

If you see a college, promising campus placement, you should gather information about last few years’ job placement programmes organised by the college.

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These are the best tips for finding any college in India which is suitable for you.

Here are some bonus points that you should keep in mind while choosing best college for you in India:

Distance of College from home

Try choosing colleges which are not that far away from your home.

Otherwise look for details if the college has its own transportation system service or not.

And, if you are planning to take admission in a college in another City, make sure that the college has facility of hostel.

Always keep this point in mind.

This really sounds irrelevant, but if the college is far away from your home and you have no option but to travel everyday from your home, you will end up having a hectic day.

Transportation will consume several hours everyday.

Make a list of all the colleges according to your priority and then choose

Several Colleges and universities have opened admission portal.

Before taking admission make a list of colleges according to your priority.

Then make a list of top 5 or 6 colleges from that previous list.

Top 5 things to look for while choosing a college in India

Then pick your suitable college consciously.

If there are entrance examinations for a certain course in colleges then try to appear in entrance examinations of as many colleges possible.

Extra curricular activity (ECA)

If you are interested in extra curricular activities or various sports, check the status of the college according to different sports or extra curricular activities.

If you like it then definitely go for it.

That’s it from our end.

If you want to find best college for yourself in India you can follow these tips.

This few years of college life is very important session in your life and it will determine your future.

So, choose your college wisely.

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