8 Career Options that do not require a degree

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Here is a list of some high paying career options that do not require a college degree...




If you are good at writing, be it in any language, you can choose a career in writing. You can write for blogs, websites or be an author or a poet.


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YouTube is a free video platform that provides the opportunity to millions of people like you to showcase your work and passion. You do not require a degree to be a Youtuber.


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If you love taking pictures and is good at it, you can choose a career in Photography. You don't require a degree for this. However, there are small courses you can take.


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Social Media Manager

Many huge companies recruit social media managers. If you have the required skills, you don't need a degree for this job.


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Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are required during weddings, photoshoots, and even in the movies. If you love doing makeup, you can be a makeup artist and you don't need a degree for it.


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If you are 12th pass, you can be a pilot without a college degree. You need to get the Student Pilot License (SPL) by registering at a flying club and then be a pilot.


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Personal Trainer

You can start your career as a personal trainer after Class 12. You can take a small course that will teach you the basics.


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Ethical Hacrker

If you are good at coding and have the required skill set, you can be an ethical hacker. You don't need a college degree for it.


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