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10 highest paying Work from Home Jobs in India

In the Neo-normal situation worldwide people are tending towards online jobs.

Work from home has become a trend recently, as almost all of us have no choice rather than being in home during this situation.

But this concept of online jobs is not a whole new concept.

Many people including students, housewives, and retired persons are doing this full time as a career option.

Although in the Indian Society, people prefer 9 to 5 classic desk jobs rather than Work from Home jobs. Now, the situation has been changed completely, so has been the job preference.

Earlier people had a concept that online jobs are nothing but scams. But today, thousands of people in India are earning full-time income through online jobs.

work from home jobs

Here is the list of 10 types of highest paying Work from home jobs in India:

Now let’s understand each one separately:

1. Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are always appreciated in every field as visual representation is important in almost every kind of business.

Nowadays, we frequently visit websites and mobile applications for our day to day activities.

The job of graphic designer is to design top visual communication aspect of the businesses or any website.

But this field requires some special skills and a creative mind. You also have to be ambitious.

Here are 5 websites where you can learn any skills to help you start a career.

The major requirement for this job is a laptop or computer and a designing software.

The best part about this job is flexible work hours, i.e., you can work from home during any time you want.

Good graphic designers in India are hugely paid and the demand for graphic designers in our country is increasing day by day.

2. Online Teaching

The concept of Online teaching has gained immense popularity very recently.

A few months earlier, majority of the teachers relied upon direct interaction with students rather than virtual interaction. There were only a few online educational institutions in our country but those were hardly famous.

But now in this Neo-normal life, the demand for online teaching has increased vigorously. There are a few companies with Apps/websites for online courses, which hire teachers.

10 highest paying Work from Home Jobs in India

You can check out apps like where you can teach a course to millions of students across the world.

Another way of earning online by working from home is by starting your own online coaching center. You can even start that on YouTube and with the right content and dedication, earn in lakhs.

The requirements for starting an online class are very basic. What you need is just confidence and experience.

As all of the educational institutions are closed all over India, so students have no options rather than attending online classes.

The future of online teaching is very bright in India.

3. Product Management

This is one of the most less talked about work from home jobs in India.

In large companies, a product manager is a very essential individual. The product manager is responsible for the strategy, marketing, future definition, and forecasting of the product.

It is his/her duty to understand customer requirement and give feedback to engineering team for making the product.

What is greatly required for the job is that you should have a keen eye for understanding customer needs.

More than a professional degree, experience with a specialized course is welcome in this profession. The more you will gain experience in this field, the better will be your salary.

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4. Data Entry

Among all of the jobs, data entry is one of the easiest work-from-home jobs you will find on the internet.

What you have to do in this job is enter or upload lines of text or data provided to you by the company.

Basically, you have to convert paper documents into soft copies and enter them into the computer. Very basic computer knowledge is required for this job.

5. Content writing or freelance content creation

There is a huge demand for content writers. This is one of the best work from home jobs out there. This is also one of the highest-paid.

What you need to have are good language and grammar skills. It can be in any language. This is the major criteria for this field.

10 highest paying Work from Home Jobs in India

You can earn as per your working hours, by writing plagiarism free contents for your own site or freelancing for other sites.

There are various sites to find Work from home content writer jobs like, etc.

6. Web Development

The job of a web developer is to create and design websites/ web applications. This is also one of the highest paid jobs in India.

Although some developers work in various MNCs and Corporate offices, many developers work from home as well, mostly as freelancers.

The basic requirement for this job is knowledge of coding and markup language, Photoshop, search engine optimization (SEO), etc.

As a huge number of websites are being created every day, there is a huge demand for web developers and in this field, the demand keeps on increasing day by day.

Once you gain good experience in the field, huge salary package is waiting for you.

7. Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach potential customers through social media.

The job of a social media manager is to make this happen. Great social media marketing can bring remarkable success to a business.

Unlike other online jobs, social media management is quite new to the scene. Who would have thought doing Facebook and Instagram all day will be the new trendy job.

10 highest paying Work from Home Jobs in India

In the last few years, it has become enormously popular in India. Right now, in India, this job is in very high demand and selling like hot cake.

Many huge companies, mainly e-commerce platforms recruit many experts for social media marketing.

Social media managers and marketing experts can earn decent money working online from home.

8. Language Translation

If you are an expert in at least two languages, this job is for you.

It is one of the best ways to earn money online. Many many websites offer translation jobs or similar kinds of jobs and provide a good amount of money for the same.

But one thing you should keep in mind before thinking about this is that the competition is huge here. You will get preference in this field if you are an expert in one or more foreign languages.

You can earn a good sum of money through this job for words translated per hour.

9. Stock Trading

You can trade shares and stocks online and earn a huge amount of money.

First of all, it is not a traditional ‘Job’. In this field you have to be on your own.

Huge profit can be earned in this field by trading not only stocks but also, commodities and currencies.

Many people don’t want to get involved in this field, because lot of risk is involved here.

But recently it had become one of the most popular Work from Home jobs for many as the profits are huge.

This field requires good knowledge about the share markets.

What you have to do is create an account with a broker like 5 Paisa and get started.

10. Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most underrated jobs according to some people. But with the increase in online businesses, this had become an important one.

Companies like Amazon provides work-from-home opportunities as Customer Support executive.

There are various options like Chat support, Voice support and email support. All you need is a laptop and a mobile.

You can earn as much as Rs. 30,000 per month working from home.

That marks the end of our list of 10 highest paying Work from home Jobs in India.

There are numerous jobs other than this 10 jobs, from which you can earn money online doing various Work from Home jobs.

As the field is huge, there is a huge probability of being scammed.

So, be aware while searching jobs online. Always try to find jobs from verified websites.

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