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10 highest paying Part Time jobs for college students

10 highest paying Part Time jobs for college students

Most students wants to earn money through part-time jobs as soon as they start going to college.

After taking admission in the colleges they reach one step ahead in life. Some of them finally make themselves aware of responsibilities.

So, they want to be economically independent. The main reason behind it is, sometimes they don’t want to be a burden to their parents, or maybe they want to help their family economically.

Also, college students like you might have some dreams or passion to follow, apart from their study.

They can’t figure out how to approach to their parents for money. So, they jump into some part time jobs, for earning some money and chasing their dreams.

Here we are presenting a list of top 10 highest paying part time jobs for college students like you:

  1. Content writer/Blogger
  2. Offline/Online teaching
  3. Stock photography
  4. Youtuber
  5. Data entry
  6. Translator
  7. Graphic designer
  8. Video/Music editor
  9. Food delivery
  10. Social media manager

Let’s know each one of them in details…

1. Content Writer/ Blogger

There is a huge demand for content writers in today’s world. You can earn a good amount of money just by writing plagiarism-free content.

What is required for this job is good writing skills. It need not be in English. You can write articles in any language.

So you can utilize your spare time after college for earning some money.

There are several websites where you can search for part-time content writing or blogging jobs. Once you gain experience in this field, you can earn a decent amount of money.

As because there is a flexibility of working hours, this job is highly appreciated by college students.

Many job-finding sites, as well as freelancing sites, can help you in getting part-time content writing jobs.

2. Offline/Online teaching

Plenty of students tend towards teaching for some extra money. It is popular among the majority of the college students of India.

You can distribute your knowledge to young students more easily than professional teachers as you are still in this field.

Some students choose to be a private tutor and some connect themselves with coaching centers as a teacher for earning money.

In recent scenario, online teaching has gained its popularity.

There is no need for a physical classroom. A college student can simply teach students from his home online as a part-time job.

Various sites hire teachers and college students to teach on their sites through videos.

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3. Stock photography

You can sell photos captured by you and can get paid for every single photograph that gets sold.

Popular sites like Shutterstock and Getty images have a huge customer base that is ready to buy your photos.

Depending upon the quality and uniqueness of your photo, you can earn as much as possible. There is no upper limit of earning when it comes to stock photography.

If you have a camera, go for it. If you don’t have a camera, then don’t worry. You can click stunning photos with the help of your mobile phone.

Today, with the help of your mobile, astonishing photos can be taken easily.

Before uploading the pictures to the website, you can edit the photos a little bit. But remember, in this job, quality and composition are the keys.

4. Youtuber

YouTube is the most talked about part-time job amongst college students. It is not actually a job, but you can actually earn a lot of money from YouTube.

Many college students jump into this platform for money. After some times they lose their patience and end up earning nothing.

But, if you want to earn money from this platform you have to be patient and have to be regular in this platform.

Some basic skills are required for this platform. You have to know how to edit videos and have to be interactive with people. This is also one of the highest paying part time jobs out there.

Also, you have to be unique in this platform. And the most important thing is, from the very beginning don’t expect to earn. Keep posting on a regular basis on YouTube and be patient.

Once you reach landmark of certain subscriber number in your channel, then you can earn huge money from your videos.

Many different genres are there in YouTube, like, gaming, comedy, tech review, make up tutorial, cooking channels etc.

You can choose according to your liking and utilise your spare time after college.

The largest Indian youtuber “Carryminati” with around 24 million subscribers, started his YouTube career from his school life, he didn’t even went to college.

He never lost hope, and now see, where he is.

5. Data Entry

Among all the jobs, data entry is one of the easiest work from home part time job you will find on internet.

What you have to do in this job is upload or enter data provided by a company.

College student doing Part time jobs

Basically, you have to convert paper documents into soft copies.

No special skills are required for this particular job. Just basic computer knowledge is enough.

And most importantly, you will have flexibility of working hours in this job. So, you can easily earn, after your College hours.

6. Translator

Whereas jobs like content writer and data entry requires you to be an expert in any one language, a translator job needs you to be an expert in at least two languages.

This part time job is not that hectic and thus ideal for college students. You will get preference in this field, if you are expert in one or more foreign languages.

You can earn a good amount through this job, against words translated per hour.

The best part of the job is you can do it from your home.

7. Graphic Designer

The major requirement for this job is a powerful laptop or a desktop, a very good designing software and skills.

You have to be ambitious about this job. A good graphic designer is paid hugely.

The job is creative, but if you are passionate about it, you can work as a graphic designer after your college hours and you can earn a huge amount of money from this field.

8. Video/Music editor

Another part time job, appropriate for college students is video or music editing.

You should have knowledge about music or video and how to edit it. Plenty of softwares are there in market.

You can earn a handsome sum by just editing videos or music.

9. Food delivery

This is most anticipated part time job in our country. It’s easy to join with flexible work hours.

A college student can earn money by delivering food after college hours.

Various online food delivery sites are famous in India. They recruit delivery boys frequently.

A boy/girl with bike or scooter is preferable for this job.

If you don’t have any two wheeler, there are certain companies, who provide you two wheeler for delivering food.

A fixed income can be earned from this job.

10. Social Media Manager

Many companies are out there, who hire social media manager. This is one of the favourite part time jobs amongst college students because here you can earn using social media like Facebook.

For those who don’t know about this job, social media manager are those, manages a company’s social media accounts.

They respond to the comments, complaints and create content to promote products.

This job is appropriate for college students with decent knowledge about social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

That’s the end of the list of the top 10 highest paying part-time jobs for college students.

Hope it was helpful and we hope this article will guide you in selecting a suitable part-time job for you.

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