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Model Activity Task Class 4 English - January 2022 (Part 1)

Model Activity Task Class 4 English – January 2022 (Part 1)

The solutions of 2022 Model Activity Task (January) Part 1 of Class 4 (IV) English subject is provided below.

Here you will get detailed answers along with explanations.

The answers are based on the question paper provided to the students of government-aided schools of West Bengal as part of the Model Activity Task.

This is the first activity task for the year 2022 and has full marks of 15.

In this article, you will get the following details about the English subject of Model Activity Task Class 4 Part 1 (January 2022),

  1. Question Paper details
  2. Answers
  3. Question paper download

Now let’s see each of these in detail…

Question Paper details

Question PaperModel Activity Task (January 2022)

Model Activity Class 4 English Task (January) 2022 Answers

The questions and answers of the Model Activity Task (January) 2022 are provided below:

Activity 1: Write the past forms of the following verbs: (1×3 = 3)


a) act: acted

b) like: liked

c) lift: lifted

Activity 2: Fill in the by choosing the correct words given in brackets : (1×2=2)

a) Students can _____ (sees/see) the blackboard.

Answer: Students can see the blackboard.

b) He _______ (like/likes) to sing.

Answer: He likes to sign.

Activity 3: Write the sounds made by the following animals: (1×2=2)

a) lions: roars
b) sheep: baa

Activity 4: Write four sentences about a Tiger

A tiger is a wild animal that lives in the forest.

A tiger is a “Carnivorous” animal with four legs.

Tiger is the national animal of India.

They are generally orange in color with black stripes.

Model Activity Task Class 4 English Question (January 2022) download (PDF)

You can download the PDF version of the 2022 Model Activity Task (January) English paper for class 4 from the button provided below.