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Job interview mistakes solution

6 Deadly Interview Mistakes – What not to say in an interview

While going for job interview we all make a lot of interview mistakes.

The complete process of pursuing a degree, achieving a qualification, going for an interview finally makes you prepare for the job you want to start or the job you are seeking for.

Going through a round of time framed structured conversation or interview with an experienced recruiter of a company and how the HR finally responds will ultimately decide whether you will be eligible to work in that company or not.

Your CV getting shortlisted is a very big step that brings you closer to your dream job.

But the real tention begin before you go to attend the interview.

Your mom can put a tilak just before your sit for an interview or can offer you “Dahi –Shakkar” and your friends can provide a plenty of advices about how to be presentable and gain confidence on the stage.

But very few people discuss about what not to say in an interview and the common interview mistakes that you might make.

We are doing that for you.

Common Interview Mistakes

Here are some common but deadly interview mistakes:

Providing too much personal information

Do not go on providing your personal information about everything you do now and then.

Do not over talk. Just answer what you are asked for.

Speaking too much can ruin your impression.

Don’t Complains about the past

Do not complain about the previous company.

This is a very common job interview mistake that most people make knowingly or unknowingly.

6 Deadly Interview Mistakes - What not to say in an interview

Do not talk bad about your ex-boss or the work pressure in your previous job.

It may come up to you several times but take care you do not open up too much in front your interviewer.

Keeping things within you is just perfectly fine.

Don’t ever ask for your positions

When you approach the interviewer, he/she already assumes that you have researched well about the company.

He also thinks that you are perfectly aware of the position and type of candidate the company is hiring.

The recruiter have gone thoroughly through your CV and you should keep yourself updated about the news and affairs the company.

Do not show desperation

As the clock ticks, and even though it’s obvious that you are in desperate need of a job, do not show the desperation.

You should hold back your emotions and should never utter the line “I really need this job”.

This is one of the most common job interview mistakes that most people do.

If you say this, the recruiter might think that you are only interested in your salary and you do not bother about the interest and profit of the company.

Your interests and passion in your work will be the key to get chance in the company.

This lead us to the 5th point.

Do not ask about your salary

When it comes for salary negotiation, be patient and trust the process.

You have to put your 100% effort in the process and work, to make your employer happy.

Asking for your salary in the first few minutes is considered one of the biggest and most common job interview mistakes.

Good work can give you a good salary and if your performance improves, you can even be offered a promotion.

Don’t lie or hide

Though some of your friends might suggest lying in your CV is a good option, you might suffer in the long run.

Most companies have a thorough verification process and if you get caught, you will have a bad impression in the company.

Your employment might be terminated.

Your CV should contain each and every detail about your career.

Your key skills in the CV should never be lied or kept hidden from the recruiter.

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Now that you know what not to say in an interview, here’s how you can avoid these interview mistakes and grab ta attention of your employer.

How to overcome job interview mistakes

Show your strengths instead of your weakness. Staying calm and patient with a cool mind will help.

Convey to the recruiter about your interest in the job, ask about the team.

Sharing negative past experience will degrade your first impression. Instead, say that you want more responsibilities which was missing in your previous job and so you are there.

Talk about how lucky you would feel to contribute in the new job.

6 Deadly Interview Mistakes - What not to say in an interview

Give your best and stay up with a positive attitude.

If you interviewer asks about why he should hire you, do not show the desperation instead say that you want to expertise in the field.

You want to learn from the resources. Make them feel you are not a liability, but an asset.

Negotiation about salary should not be discussed until a formal job offer comes. Push away all the salary related discussions towards the end and understand the job roles first.

Say, “I think I am going to get paid pretty well if I fulfil all the expected responsibilities”.

You appearance, the words you speak, your attitude and your behaviour plays a very crucial role too.

If you ever feel you are losing confidence, pace yourself.

Only answer what you know. Don’t give wrong answers.

If u don’t know simply say “Sorry sir, I don’t know”.

In order to impress your boss don’t keep talking too much, don’t be boring.

To hide the interview mistakes during the conversation don’t go for too much detailing.

These are some of the things always kept in mind before attending an interview. It will be helpful in reducing the job interview mistakes.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming interviews.

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