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How to build the perfect resume

How to build the perfect resume

People say, “A single piece of paper can’t decide your future”. But the real fact is, it can decide your future.

Your resume is undoubtedly the most valuable piece of paper for your career. You have to assemble all the information sincerely in your resume.

But, if you are unaware about the right way to format and write your resume, we are here to help you out.

Here are few suggestions to how to build the perfect resume. Let’s dig into this.

Picking the right format

The most common pattern of building up a resume is Revere Chronological Order.

So, What is the Revere Chronological Order?

This means you have to organize your experiences from most recent to least recent.

Skill-based resume is another well known format. This is named such because, this format emphasises your skill rather than experiences.

Another and less popular pattern is combination resume. It’s a mixture of revere chronological and skill-based resume.

How to build the perfect resume

You can choose any one of them to build up your resume. But always keep in mind to include

  1. Work Experience
  2. Non-work experiences, community involvement
  3. Your skills
  4. Education qualification and certificates

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Make your resume precise

Try to gather all the information on one page. Mention all your qualifications, work experience in such a way that it grabs the attention of the employer or the authority.

Using Bold font, usage of Bullets and writing down all your experiences, qualification in point wise can really help you.

Your Basic Information should be precise and flawless.

 You can include your contact details on the top of your resume which could be helpful for the recruiter to get in touch with you. What you should add:

  1. Your full name (As per all of your documents)
  2. Email id with your LinkedIn profile or your personal website
  3. Your contact number

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Always emphasize your work experiences over your educational qualification.

If you choose the Reverse Chronological pattern of Resume building, generally the work experience section will be on the top side of your resume and it should catch the attention of authority.

In this work experience section you can mention about your previous job, how long did you work before, etc. Try to add two or four bullet points in this section.

Then, next to your work experiences, you should add a section of Educational qualification.

Try to mention your school, college, university, and the year of passing. You can also include your achievements, research work, etc. in this section. Like other sections, this section should also be precise and usage of Bullet points should be appropriate.

The main aim to build up your resume is to make it Attractive and Attention grabbing as much as possible.

After including all your information, you should take your time and check if there is any grammatical error, any error in information etc. Then, you should do some cutting if the resume is quite long.

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After editing if you think your resume is worth sending, then your resume is ready.

  • You should enlist your linguistic skills in the experience section.
  • Always include a cover letter. It is a document, that you submit with your resume that introduces you to the employer. You can show your enthusiasm for the post in this letter. If there is a chance to submit one cover letter, you should definitely go for it.

These are few tips to build the perfect resume. That’s it from our side. Hope this points will help you to build up a perfect resume for you.

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